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Public Pad Latest text of pad domwebapi2014q1 Saved Jan 21, 2014

Overall 2014 goals
## baku
* IDB in workers
* Finalize DataStore API - maybe rewrite it in C++ (?)
** q1: DataStore service ported to C++
* something low level in jsapi
## bent
* locale-based sorting for IDB
* IDB in workers
* background actor stuff
* IDB devtools (will need platform help)
* sqlite4
## Marcos 
 - Prototype implementation of manifest spec
 - Continue working on manifest.
 - Finish research for installable webapps:
 - Finish <picture> spec (help Tab where possible)
 - Get someone to implement <picture> and Client Hints. 
 - get Serial API to a presentable state.  
 - publish netinfo use cases doc -
## hsivonen
* Remove the overhead of off-the-main-thread parsing machinery from innerHTML parsing (potentially at the expense of code size).
* refactor how tokenizer and tree builder use buffers to reduce memory pressure crashes
## annevk
* offline
* q1:  url & encoding specs
* q1:  xhr feature requests (response url, etc.)
* q1:  some sort of moving service workers along
## johns
* platform support for e10s
** windowed mode plugins
* q1: <picture>
* q1: initial support for windowed mode plugins in e10s mode
## wchen
* q1: document.register (deferred from q4)
* q1: initial work (DOM part, propose UI) on date picker form control with prototype UI
## nsm
* ServiceWorkers
- Discuss & Implement core
- Open web app manifest extensions and support for system messages. (B2G/web app specific). Easy to implement but standardization!
- q1: fetch bits of service workers
* q1: Get push running on desktop when Firefox is running.
* q1: pref on promises
## smaug
* q1-q4: performance work with DOM itself
* q1-q4: always DOM maintenance things but hard to articulate
* clean up docshell (how we load documents)
* q1: cross-thread CC (leftover from 2013q4) 
## jdm
* service worker related things
* q1: tcp socket in workers
## janv
* localStorage plugged into quota manager
* FileSystem and FileHandle
* synchronous IDB
* HTML 5 context menus and toolbars
* q1: decide on way forward and unbitrot sync idb
* q1: finish multiprocess FileHandle and share implementation with FileSystem API
## ehsan
* q1: Finish the Data Store security UX work
* q1: Provide feedback on text selection UI for b2g
* q1: Provide feedback on the system resource stats API
* q1: Gather b2g use cases for the Notification API and propose API extensions if needed
2014 Q1 goals
* IDB in workers
* serviceworker
* sync worker messages